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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Holes 7 & 16

hole 7 map

Holes 7th & 16th

This par 5 can seem really quite benign on a calm day with moist conditions underfoot but under any other conditions beware the sting in the tail. 
The drive uphill to a steeply sloping left to right fairway requires a shot either on or to the left of the first marker post. A ball upon landing is likely to have at least 10 yards roll downhill to the right, unless the shot has been played with a draw to keep it up the hillside, and in dry summer conditions this drift to the low side of the fairway can be even more pronounced.
The second shot must also have an allowance for the left to right slope of the fairway, both in the direction of aim and the players set up, stance and flight path, a slice into the 'cabbage' being the penalty for the uninitiated. Longer hitters can get close or onto the green in two, but this is a very demanding ask for the mid handicapper.

The green is protected on both the left and right by Lobden ridges, the mounds designed to prevent an easy bump and run approach. Consequently, the wise option is to leave the second shot on the lower right of the fairway which permits the player to fire an attacking shot into a green which has the same sloping trend as the fairway. Putting out will also require a deft touch and clever judgment of pace and break; hallmarks of the Lobden experience


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