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  Founded 17th May 1888

Holes 3 & 12

Hole 3

Holes 3rd & 12th

The card would have the first time visitor believe that this hole is a long par three measuring 191 and 201 yards respectively. In reality these yardages are most deceptive as a steep slope trails down to the green side from about 50 yards out.

The bounce off this slope is rarely easily predictable so the choice facing the golfer is simple, either fly the ball all the way to the green or else judge your tee shot to perfection. Carrying the ball direct to the putting surface is a treacherous option, unless you can be confident of a good degree of check on your ball, as to be through the green is to be down a further banking and in serious trouble.

The alternative to bounce the ball down the slope is hardly the soft option it may sound. It requires that you know your trajectory of flight, the strength of shot, the shape it will move in the air and then the likely degree of bounce. Factor into this the strength of the wind, the ground conditions and the pin placing for the ideal tee shot.

Tip: check the pin placing on the way up the second fairway

Tip: try not to miss the green on the left, the slope here will gather the ball away into the rough down the locally termed "fast track"


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