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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888


Holes  2 & 11

Hole 2 map


Holes 2nd & 11th        -        Par 4

The hole is characterised by the marked uphill slope of the fairway, which has the additional hazard of an open cross drain water hazard. This is clearly visible from the tee. Playing the 2nd this is only a problem if the wind is into your face, or if you are a modest hitter off the tee, but from the back tee (the 11th) it is a major factor as it is in the landing zone for a well struck drive.

Once on the top part of the fairway the mid to short iron approach (or the long fairway wood approach if below on the slope) is fraught with danger.
2nd tee

The green has a myriad of different borrows. While the overall slope of the green is right to left, there is also a pronounced back to front slope on the front half of the putting surface. Therefore judging an approach with a prevailing westerly cross wind is extremely demanding.

The hole again runs in a north-south direction.

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Gents Competition Tees
White - Front Nine
Yellow - Back Nine
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