Lobden Golf Club
Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888


Holes 1 & 10

map of hole 1 & 10

The 1st & 10th

Although the 1st hole is of only modest length it will catch out all but the most respectful of players. The out of bounds all down the left hand side and the plateau green are its main line of defence.

A wise tee shot will be a 3 wood or long iron leaving a short iron to the green. Depending on your proclivity you may opt for the bump and run up the steep front slope of the green or a high floated lob. The latter will require an extremely deft touch if the greens are hard and firm as they tend to be during the summer months.

First hole side picture

For the long hitting players an alternative option off the tee will be to power the ball on to the 2nd fairway (all carry over the Lobden rough and a lateral water hazard). This is rewarded with a slightly easier approach as the plateau of the green is less marked from this side.

From the new 10th tee, which was brought into play in 2002, the hole is a slight dog-leg left played over the out-of-bounds markers.

The hole runs in a north-south direction and the prevailing westerly winds will force balls towards the out-of-bounds.


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Gents Competition Tees

White - Front Nine
Yellow - Back Nine

Ladies Tees

Red - Front Nine
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Gents Practice Tee

Blue - Front and Back Nine