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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Lobden Golf Club - Our History

The Early Years - 1906

The first General Meeting of the newly formed club was held at the Wellington Hotel in Rochdale on February 7th 1906. It was resolved that a recommendation be made to the Rochdale Golf Club that they allow members of 'Lobden' to become members of their club at a reduction of 5/- from the usual membership and that the Committee have the power to fix the amount of subscription.

The officials were elected including: Honorary President Mr. James Griffith Dearden Esq. - Lord of the Manor of Rochdale, Honorary Vice-Presidents John A. Bright Esq., Col. Sir Clement M. Royds, Robert Slack Esq., A. H. Crowther Esq., the Captain Mr. Edward Healey, Honorary Treasurer G. E. James and Honorary Secretary Mr. Alfred Hargreaves.

The first committee meeting was held at The Red Lion Hotel, in Rochdale, on February 10th 1906. The following items were recorded at the meeting:

The club became known as The Lobden Golf Club, the subscriptions were set at one guinea and the entrance fee 10s 6d.  Lobden Golf Club was originally the Rochdale Golf Club !
The subscriptions for Ladies being 10s 6d without entrance fee.

A book of rules be forwarded to every member of the Club.

 That a book, containing the names of all the officials of the Club, the rules, the local rules, the bye-laws relating to caddies, the etiquette of golf, fixtures and list of members be issued to each member of the Club.

The Secretary to write to arrange matches, if possible, with the Rochdale, Whittaker and Todmorden Golf Clubs.

The Sub-committee appointed to revise the rules and be authorised to arrange the fixtures for the season.

 That Messrs Healey and Lye be appointed the Ground Committee.

 That the Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, along with Mr. Lye be appointed the Handicap Committee.

That the Secretary write to the Secretary of the Rochdale Golf Club offering to accept members of the latter club as members of 'Lobden' at a reduction of 5/- from the subscription of one guinea.

The Ground Committee be authorised to provide any necessary conveniences required at the clubhouse.
 The Club open an account with the Union Bank of Manchester and Messrs Brierley and Hudson of Rochdale be appointed Solicitors to the Club.

Meetings continued to be held at The Red Lion Hotel and occasionally at the Wellington Hotel. The June meeting recorded that the payment to John Bibby of £2.17s.3d be made for 'loan of horse' - this was charged at 6d per hour. Various other payments were made for 'seeds, horse manure and drain pipes' for the new course and J. Bentley for 'mowing'. Mr. Bibby was also paid for providing hay for the horse.

In August 1906 the bogey for the 5th hole was reduced from 6 to 5.

A number of members left the club when it divided and formed Whittaker Golf Club, an invitation to play them was accepted.

William Bentley was the grounds man.

A tender was obtained to improve the accommodation and comfort of the golf house, showing what could be provided for £50 & £75 respectively. This figure was later reduced to £20 to £30 and was to include a new heating stove. The extension to the pavilion was carried out by James Fielding, a Whitworth Joiner, for a sum of £24 in June 1907. Mr Lye was authorized to have any work he considered necessary on the approach to No.7 green to be carried out.

The AGM held at the Wellington Hotel on 8th January 1908 gave thanks to the late Hon. Treasurer Mr. G E James for his services to the club. He had held the post certainly since the new club was formed.

At this meeting it was decided to lengthen three holes. A payment of £4.2s.3d was made to Mr. Hyde for making new tees.

The balance sheet presented at the 1909 AGM recorded a loss on the year of £8.11s.9d and a balance in hand of £16.15s.4d as a result of further improvements on the course.

The following appeared 
in the local newspaper when the club celebrated it's 21st anniversary. The competition took place on the 15th May 1909.

The following records are recorded in the front cover of the first minute book.
Alex (Sandy) Herd May 21st 1906
4 3 4*5 4 4*3 3 4 = (34) 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 = (35) Total 69. (The asterisks indicate that short putts where missed at the 3rd and 6th holes.
Sandy Herd, a St Andrews golfer, won 'The Open Championship' in 1902 at Royal Liverpool - Hoylake, using a Haskell ball. He was the 'Professional' at Huddersfield G C from 1892-1911. 
The first recorded amateur record was made by R Ashworth on July 29th 1908 as follows:
5 4 4 3 4 4 5 4 4 = (37) 4 3 3 4 4 4 3 3 = (33) Total 70 and followed by a 72 by C B Hudson (handicap 4) on July 4th 1914 for the newly lengthened course which incorporated new tees on the 5th, 6th and 8th. On September 30th 1922 Mr. A. Hill beat all previous records with a 32, 34 = 66 gross.