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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Roy's Poem

I hope they play golf up in heaven
I can picture Roy on the first tee
Twos and twenties he says to St Peter
We don't gamble in heaven Charlie

St Peter was not in his best ever mood
'Go to hell' was his favourite retort
Then Roy came along with his life on review
And the number of failings was nought

How on earth can a man be this perfect ?
A man who was everyone's friend
Not a bad word to say, not a moan or a groan
Upon whom you could always depend

Now Peter has met a few folk at his gates
Even Hitler asked nicely and tried
Some lucky people get in by the skin of their teeth
But for Roy it was just ' Open wide ! '.

Some people die in their beds or at sea
Some in pain or praying for help from above
How many can say that their last place on earth
Was exactly the place that they love ?

That day up at Lobden was a sad one
It was one that we will never forget
But a golfer who dies with his club in his hand
Says 'Goodbye' with nothing to regret

Now the weather in heaven is perfect
For Roy this was really quite queer
Where's the rain, wind and snow I was used to ?
No need for my waterproofs here

Back at Lobden Roy is missed by the members
At his funeral you could see that they care
Poignant speeches and words of condolence
Opening Day and that sad empty chair

Roy may be gone but he'll not be forgotten
Now a board prize has been given his name
He would probably say he's not worthy
We all know that it's only a game

That was Roy through and through; he was modest
He was a gentleman through to the core
He could have been Captain but on that one he passed
He wanted to play golf nothing more

At Lobden Roy will have what he truly deserves
There will be a plaque where he came to rest
Roy's favourite stone will sit there alongside
A fitting tribute to one of our best

Now we all know that our turn is somewhere ahead
Play golf with Roy on the heavenly links
St Peter may have other plans for our souls
'Going down' is what the gatekeeper thinks !

We don't stand a chance when compared with our Roy
He was head and shoulders above us it's clear
One thing Roy can't quite grasp up in heaven
Is that no one from Lobden is here

Now Roy and St Peter are on the eighteenth
St Peter knows that he's suffered a loss
Hand in his pocket and pays up his debt
'Now don't you go telling the boss !'


By David Washington  ©