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  Founded 17th May 1888

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Jubilee Year Annual Report

"Jubilee Year - 1938 - Annual report

It is the committee's pleasure to present the Report for 1938, the Jubilee year of the Club. They feel sure that all will agree that is has been a memorable year in every respect.

The Jubilee Dinner held early in the year was most enjoyable and at which we had the pleasurable company of several past members, and who, in their reminiscences, told of their troubles and vicissitudes. Evidently some of them are heirlooms!

Continuing our celebrations we had a mixed foursome, and afterwards a record number of members sat down to tea. It is really surprising how many the Clubhouse will hold when put to the test. The club would certainly feel the benefit if it were tested oftener.


There is nothing very special to report under this heading. Taking the varying circumstances the course has played very well.

Draining is being done on Nos. 1, 6 and 7 fairways during the close season. It has also been decided to do away with the sand in the bunkers and turf them.


The Committee are pleased to say that the average number of competitors is gradually creeping up; but there is still room for more, and it would be to our mutual benefit if you would only turn up for all competitions.

They flatter themselves on their handicapping; a glance at the results show no absurd scores, which have been the case in the past.

Their is one item which must be mentioned, that is the number of disqualifications during the season. It is to the members benefit to make himself acquainted with the rules.

Congratulations go out to the winners of competitions, and condolences to those not so fortunate - better luck in 1939.


We can only re reiterate our comments of previous years. The functions gain in popularity. Our best thanks go out to the Committee for their untiring efforts on our behalf.


The statement of accounts for the past season is submitted overleaf. The extension of the 'carriage-way' has been completed and paid for.

We would appeal to members to pay their subscriptions early. They only need paying once, and we cannot keep the Club going on a bank overdraft.


It is under this heading that we offer our sincere thanks to the retiring Captain, Mr. Harold Hawkard, for all he has done for the Club and members generally during his captaincy. His capabilities as a 'Generalissimo' have been appreciated by all.

You will notice on the Agenda that the Committee recommends the withdrawal of the entrance fee. This is only a temporary measure and is due to the fact that we should welcome more members. So, if you have any friends who are thinking about it, now is the time to join.

For and on behalf of the Committee

H. H. Ormerod - Hon. Secretary."