Lobden Golf Club
Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Holes 9 & 18

hole 9 map

Hole: 9th & 18th

All golf courses have one hole that can provide an endless test of clubbing ability. Even from the 9th, the forward tee, the club selection can vary enormously, being only a wedge when the wind is behind up to a lofted wooden club when being played directly into a strong wind.

The hole is played entirely up hill therefore do not be fooled by the yardages on the score card. A steep fall away onto the hill side awaits the errant shot played to the right, a bunker will catch the short shot, and the club house door the over hit ball. The bail out zone is to the left leaving a put or chip down onto the green, but you will need to experience in person the reason why such a modest length par 3 should need a safe route!

The 18th, in particular, does not readily yield too may birdies, treat this closing hole with the respect it deserves, otherwise your medal round is likely to come to serious grief.


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Gents Competition Tees
White - Front Nine
Yellow - Back Nine
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Red - Front Nine
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