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Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Holes 8 & 17

Holes 8th & 17th

This hole exceeds 400 yards but is played from an inviting elevated tee. Although out of bounds extends all the way down the left hand side the natural tendency is for the player to favour the right as the hole has a slight dogleg in this direction at the 350 yard mark.

The 8th and 17th is the favourite of many of the members and visitors alike as the hole and its challenge are clear and up front from the out set. The hole invites the player to open his shoulders and show just what he is capable of achieving.

The green has fewer devils than most of the others on Lobden but it is large in size and a well judged approach to a normally receptive putting surface is critical. Over the green the player will have a less than inviting lob back into play.

Tip: the rough on the right hand side can be very penal, try not to aim too far right on the tee, put the O.O.B. on the left out of your mind.

Tip: the second shot is very likely to kick to the right on landing beyond the road which crosses the fairway.


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