Lobden Golf Club
Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
Tel: 01706 343228
Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Gentlemen's Competitions 2018

Mr. Captain :-  Dave Limmack

Date Competition Winners Scores
24th March Opening Day 4 Ball and Social Evening
28th March 9 Hole Medal G. Shiel 36 Nett
31st March 1st Past Capt’s/Vets D. Pritchard 74 Nett
4th April 9 Hole Medal Course Closed -
7th April Alfred Hargreaves Trophy S. Keate 67 Nett
11th April 9 Hole Medal Competition Abandoned -
14th April 1st Senior Shield I. Foster 69 Nett
18th April 9 Hole Medal I. Foster 36 Nett
21st April 3 Man Yellow Ball J. Stott
G. Harrison
S. Brown
73 Pts.
5th May Albert Hill Memorial Trophy S. Keate 70 Nett
9th May 9 Hole Medal D. Griffiths 36 Nett
12th May 2nd Seniors/2nd Past Capts/2nd Vets J. Stott 70 Nett
16th May 9 Hole Medal A. Taylor 33 Nett
19th May 18 Hole Stableford P. Harwood 38 Pts.
23th May 9 Hole Medal G. Shiel 34.5 Nett
26th May Frank Taylor Cup P. Lord Level
30th May 9 Hole Medal L. Taylor 31 Nett
2nd June Victory Cup
J. Stott 59.917  Nett
6th June 9 Hole Medal S. Chrimes 34 Nett
9th June 3rd Senior Shield/3rd Vets S. Brown 71 Nett
10th June Cancer Research Open J. Lea & C, McDowell  
13th June 9 Hole Medal M Poulton 35.5 Nett
20th June 9 Hole Medal K. Gill 34 Nett
23rd June 4th Seniors Shield/3rd Past Captains P. Sutherland 70 Nett
27th June 9 Hole Medal I. Blackburn 33.5 Nett
30th June Presidents Day and Social Evening J. Lea 70 Nett
4th July 9 Hole Medal I. Foster 32 Nett
7th July 18 Hole Stableford N Black 35 Pts.
11th July 9 Hole Medal B. Bennett 33 Nett
14th July 5th Senior Shield K. Gill 70 Nett
18th July 9 Hole Medal S. Keate 33.5 Nett
21nd July 4th Past Capts / 4th Vets D. Pritchard 70 Nett
25th July 9 Hole Medal G. Shiel 32 Nett
28th July 6th Senior Shield I. Foster 73 Nett
1st August 9 Hole Medal B. Bennett 32 Nett
4th August Presidents Cup
Jubilee Trophy
18 Hole Medal
C. Hardman
M. Law
D. Limmack
164 Gross
145 Nett
71 Nett
8th August 9 Hole Medal I. Foster 33 Nett
11th August Life Members Pairs G. Shiel &
K. Gill
43 pts.
15th August 9 Hole Medal I. Foster 33 Nett
18th August Captains Final & Social Evening P. Sutherland 102 Nett
22nd August 9 Hole Medal G. Horner 32.5 Nett
25th August Harold Cook Memorial Trophy P. Sutherland 71 Nett
29th August 9 Hole Medal B. Bennett 32 Nett
1st September 5th Past Capts/5th Vets G. Harrison 72 Nett
5th September 9 Hole Medal G. Harrison 32.5
12th September 9 Hole Medal C. Hardman 33 Nett
15th September JR Stott Memorial Trophy I. Foster &
S.P. Lord
65 Net
19th September 9 Hole Medal K. Ramsden 34.5 Nett
22nd September Barrie Hill Memorial Trophy Joe. Stott 65 Nett
26th September 9 Hole Medal J. Mellor 33 Nett
29th September Clifford Ellison Rose Bowl S.Brown +1
6th October Alan Stevens Shield I. Foster 67 Nett
13th October Texas Scramble D. Pritchard
C. Hardman     &
B. Hardman
66.7 Nett
20nd October Nolan Philps Trophy J. Lea &
S. Brown
45 pts.
27th October Closing Day 6th Past Captains and Social Evening D. Pritchard 71 Nett
3th November Members Turkey Shoot G. Harrison &
Jim. Stott
41 pts.
10th November Tractor Fund I. Foster 37 pts.
Order Of Merit  Roy Jeffcoat Trophy 2018  - D. Pritchard
  Past Captains Winner 2018  -  D. Pritchard  
  Veterans Prize Winner 2018  - K. Gill  

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