Lobden Golf Club
Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
Tel: 01706 343228
Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Gentlemen's Competitions 2017

Mr. Captain :-  Mike MacNamara

Date Competition Winners Scores
25th March Opening Day 4 Ball and Social Evening J. Eyre (Snr) &
P. Lord
43 pts.
1st April 1st Past Capt’s/Vets P. Shepherd 70 Nett
5th April 9 Hole Medal P. Shepherd 35 Nett
8th April Alfred Hargreaves Trophy + (and final of Past Captains 2016) G. Shiel 64 Nett
12th April 9 Hole Medal I. Blackburn 35 Nett
15th April 1st Capts Qual/1st Senior Shield I. Foster 71 Nett
19th April 9 Hole Medal P. Shepherd 35 Nett
22nd April Life Members Pairs D. Griffiths &
S. Watson
44 pts.
26th April 9 Hole Medal P. Shepherd 33 Nett
29th April JR Stott Memorial Trophy T. Rudge &
S. Watson
61 Nett
3th May 9 Hole Medal I. Blackburn 33 Nett
6th May Albert Hill Memorial Trophy C. Lutkevitch 69 Nett
10th May 9 Hole Medal K. Gill 31 Nett
13th May 18 hole Stableford D. Pritchard 40 pts.
17th May 9 Hole Medal M. Marriott 35.5 Nett
20th May 2nd Capts Qual/ 2nd Seniors/2nd Past Capts/2nd Vets S. Harrison 69 Nett
24th May 9 Hole Medal S. Keate 31 Nett
27th May Frank Taylor Cup P. Collins +3
31st May 9 Hole Medal D. Griffiths 31.5 Nett
3th June
Victory Cup

18 Hole Medal

S. Keate

J. Thompson

61.25 Nett

64 Nett
8th June 9 Hole Medal G. Shiel 32 Nett
14th June 9 Hole Medal I. Joice 32 Nett
17th June 3rd Capts Qual/3rd Senior Shield/3rd Vets C. Lutkevitch 65 Nett
21st June 9 Hole Medal S. Chrimes 32 Nett
24th June 4th Capts Qual/4th Seniors Shield/3rd Past Captains P. Shepherd 66 Nett
1st July 5th Capts Qual/5th Senior Shield J. Eyre (Jnr) 68 Nett
5th July 9 Hole Medal J. Eyre (Snr) 32.5 Nett
8th July Presidents Day and Social Evening S. Brown 65 Nett
12th July 9 Hole Medal P. Harwood 37 Nett
15th July Presidents Cup/Jubilee Trophy / 18 hole medal Postponed -
19th July 9 Hole Medal B. Bennett 30 Nett
22nd July 4th Past Capts / 4th Vets B. Hardman 66 Nett
26th July 9 Hole Medal I. Joice 33 Nett
2nd August 9 Hole Medal P. Collins 34 Nett
5th August 6th Capts Qual/6th Senior Shield C. Hardman 65 Nett
9th August 9 Hole Medal K. Gill 33 Nett
12th August Harold Cook Memorial Trophy P. Shepherd 70 Nett
16th August 9 Hole Medal P. Shepherd 30.5 Nett
19th August Captains Final B. Hardman 145 Nett
23th August 9 Hole Medal S. Chrimes 31 Nett
26th August Jubilee Trophy J. Eyre (Jnr) 141
30st August 9 Hole Medal S. Watson 33.5 Nett
2nd September 5th Past Capts/5th Vets I. Joice 68 Nett
6th September 9 Hole Medal G. Shiel 31 Nett
13th September 9 Hole Medal Awaiting Info  
16th September Clifford Ellison Rose Bowl P. Lord +1
23th September Barrie Hill Memorial Trophy G. Shiel 65 Nett
30th September 3 man Yellow ball J. Mellor
H. Bennett      &
B. bennett 
21st October Alan Stevens Shield J. Eyre (Snr) 73 Nett
28th October Closing Day 6th Past Captains and Social Evening S. Keate 76 Nett
4th November Members Turkey Shoot S. Harrison   &
J. Mellor
39 pts
11th November 18 hole stableford Tractor Fund T. Rudge 36 pts.
  Maxim & Tomlinson Winners 2017  -     
  Vice Presidents Cup Winner 2017  -     
Order Of Merit  Roy Jeffcoat Trophy 2017  -  
  Past Captains Winner 2017  -     
  Veterans Prize Winner 2017  -    
  Seniors Shield 2017 -    

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