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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Lobden Golf Club - Our History

The Early Years - 1920's

At a meeting held at the Red Lion on 22nd October 1922 the Secretary read a letter from Mr Hartley and it was decided to call a General Meeting of members for Wednesday 25th October to discuss and decide whether Sunday play should be allowed on the Links.
The letter read as follows:

Herbert Taylor Esq.

Dear Herbert,
I have received your letter of yesterday's date. I have seen Mr Hartley again to-day and it appears that he missed Mr Dearden when his ship was in port and that he wrote him only last Saturday mentioning the Lobden Golf Club matter amongst other matters. It may be some time of course before Mr Hartley hears from Mr Dearden because his ship has been ordered to the Mediterranean. Mr Hartley has, however, kindly consented to say on his own responsibility, that the members of the Lobden Golf Club may play golf on Sundays on two conditions:- 1. That the rent from the 1st November be increased to 5 guineas, and 2. That it is understood that if Mr Dearden objects to Sunday Golf, it shall be stopped at once on hearing from Mr Hartley.

Yours faithfully
C B Hudson
At the meeting the motion was carried 27 votes to 3 that Sunday play be allowed on Mr Hartley's conditions. It was also agreed that the committee should draw up restrictions governing Sunday play.
A committee meeting held the same night resolved that the following restrictions be adopted:
1. That there be no Sunday labour employed.
2. That no Caddies be employed.
3. That no other games be played inside or outside the clubhouse.
4. That visitors be allowed to play on the course on Sunday's if accompanied by a member who will be personally responsible for their fees and must enter their names in the Visitor's Book, the fee for Sunday play to be 2/6d.

It it worth noting that Mr Frank Taylor objected to the original letter being sent to Mr Hartley as he did not wish that golf be played at Lobden on Sunday's.

In January 1924 the membership stood at Gents 83, Ladies 50 and the Club credit balance was 17s.1d. The fees were entrance fee - Gents £4.4s.0d, subscription fee £2.2.0d. The Ladies £2.2s.0d and £1.1s.0d respectfully. These fees remained the same until 1927 when they were reduced by 50%. Bentley was the professional or greenkeeper, his wage being 50/- per week to the end of the growing season.
Matches were played against Rochdale and Bacup, the Opening Day was the Captain's Team against the Ex-Captain's Team.
It was agreed that the Victory Cup would have an additional memento of £1.1.0 and the Allan Stevens Shield would be placed in the clubhouse. In February 1924 is was decided that the tee boxes be numbered and marked with the yardage length of the hole. Later this month it was decided that Bentley be engaged under the new professional. Mr A Howard of Lytham Green Drive and Mr Burton of Darwen were interviewed for the position. Mr Howard was appointed at a wage of £2.5s.0d per week, to be increased to £2.7s.6d per week in six months and that his appointment be for 12 months.

Mr Howard put forward his recommendations for improvements to the committee, 10 tons of sand and a hole cutter were ordered. At this time the old horse mower was sold for £2. It was agreed that the No.6 hole would be lengthened by 60 yds by making a new tee to the right and lower than the present one. A decision to provide horse boots for the horses whilst working on the course was later rescinded. Mr Howard's wife was allowed free use of the greens.

In May 1924 all handicaps were revised up, 0-10 one added, above 10 two added, except Albert Hill who played off scratch. In the first two weeks of the season he won competitions with 73-2= 71 and the following week 72-1=71. Two weeks after being reduced to scratch he won the President's Cup with a gross 156 for 36 holes.
Hoof prints and wires around the greens were constant problems for the committee's. In August Mr Howard the professional was given 3 months notice. 

Mr Frank Taylor was elected as Captain in 1925 and a vote of thanks was passed for his offer to provide a polished board in the clubhouse to record the list of Captain's of Lobden Golf Club. The handicap limit at this time was 22 and all handicaps were increased by two.

Picture right Mr Frank Bussy bussy taylor
& Mr Frank Taylor
The new 6th tee was brought into play in 1925. Matches were arranged against Rochdale and Tunshill. In August of this year it was agreed to accept in principle the Standard Scratch Score and a quarryman was engaged for one week in October to clear stones from the fairways.

The AGM for 1926 was held at the Flying Horse in Rochdale on 20th January attended by the Captain Mr Richard Ashton and 24 other members. Membership stood at Gents 90, Ladies 43. The Treasurers report showed a credit balance of £13.17s.4d. It was agreed that a handicap committee would be appointed to consist of the Captain, Secretary and three other members. It was agreed that the No.9 hole would be re-measured and that Mr E M Slack would keep records of all competition scores. The present bogey of 70 was considered satisfactory with a par of 68 and that No. 7 and 16 holes be a par 4 and bogey 4. The shelter near the No.7 tee required repairs and the No.2 & No.4 greens attention owing to damage by birds. Matches were arranged against Tunshill and Heywood.
On 1st July 1926 it was agreed to reduce the entrance fee to £2.0s.0d for the month of July.
Bentley was brought before the committee to explain the unsatisfactory mowing of fairways and greens.
On 22nd July 1926 it was agreed that details would be obtained regarding a licence for the sale of intoxicants. A burglary around this time would not be paid by the insurers owing to the exposed position. It was agreed that Bentley be given a week's holiday each year in future without pay.
The half-year rent of two guineas was payable to the Lord of the Manor and £4.1s.6d paid for use of horse. A letter was sent to James Hartley, Hindle Pastures Farm asking him not to allow his horse to trespass on the Links. Mr Frank Taylor's photograph, a gift from Mr Edward Healey was accepted with thanks by the committee to be hung in the clubhouse. Members were asked to donate a maximum of 2s.6d towards a present for Mr Fletcher Chadwick for services to the club as Secretary on him leaving the district.

In December 1926 it was decided that a 'Social Committee' be formed comprising four ladies and four gentlemen, to arrange all social events for the club with all profits to be handed to the Hon. Treasurer for use of the club. The Ladies will be given an amount of £7 or £8 at the beginning of the season for their own expenses and any balance left will be handed back to the club at the end of the season. A letter was sent to the Chairman of the Highways and Lighting Committee, Whitworth Urban District Council regarding the condition of Whitworth Rake asking who is responsible for the upkeep of same.

Mr H T Norris was elected Captain for 1927. The entrance and subscriptions were set at 50% of the previous year. Rule XI was altered to read 'Visitors Fees' in lieu of 'Friends'. Green Fees - ordinary days 2/- each per day, competition days 5/- each per day, Sunday's 2/6d and evening play (Monday to Friday inclusive) 1/- after 6pm if introduced by a member. Opening Day was set 2nd April with a match between the Captain's Team against the Ex-Captain's Team as usual. All handicaps were increased by two with the limit remaining at 22. Matches against Tunshill and Heywood were not accepted, it being passed at the previous meeting that 'no club matches be played this season'. A 'Country Membership' was passed at £2.2s.0d. Insurance covering employment, cups and third party were £7.1s.8d. Following a 88-22=66 Mr H Schofield's handicap was reduced by 4 shots to 18.

On Wednesday 4th May 1927 a letter was read from Mr Frederick Lye saying: 'It was 21 years since he first became Captain of Rochdale Golf Club, and he would like to give a prize to the Ladies & Gentlemen of the Lobden Golf Club'. It was resolved that the prizes be accepted and that Mr Lye be thanked for his kind offer. The Gentlemen's prize be played for on the President's Cup Day Saturday 23rd July 1927 on handicap terms for the first 18 holes, and the President's Cup competition be completed by a second 18 holes making 36 with no handicap.
Fred Lye 
Picture (left): Mr Frederick Lye - Captain Rochdale GC 1906 and Lobden GC in 1908.


Caddies rules were posted in the Caddies hut.
The application for Whitworth Parish Church for the use of the Links for Whit-Friday was granted.

The Mixed Foursomes played on 30 July 1927 was tied - no card play-off in those days - the two pairs played an 18 hole play-off! The day also included a 'Putting Competition' and a 'Tub Pitching Competition'.

The Captain's Final was also tied and the play-off or replay was over a further 36 holes!