Lobden Golf Club
Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
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Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Lobden Golf Club - Our History

The Early Years -  1910~1919

The balance sheet at the 1910 AGM recorded a loss on the year of £5.1s.4d and a balance of £11.14s.0d. Subscription were to remain the same as the previous year. In February it was resolved that unless a player be a full member of the club he shall not be entitled to compete in any competition for prizes, or qualifying competition for such, nor vote at a General Meeting. In May Clarence Cricket Club was paid 15/- for a flagpole.

The committee recommended that rule XI should read as follows: 'Members may introduce a visitor to play on the links upon entering the name in the Visitor's Book, but the same visitor shall only be entitled to be introduced for 3 days free in all during the whole course of any year, after which a charge of 1/- per day be made. The introducing member to be responsible for such payments'. In January 1913 this rule was amended to read ....after which a charge of 2/- be made for visitors residing within 10 miles and 1/- per day, or 7/6d per month if residing beyond that distance from 'the links'.

It was also resolved to adopt the following new local rule: 'Except when playing from a tee, a ball hitting a post or wire surrounding a green shall be compulsorily dropped, from where played, and replayed without loss of stroke. A breach of this rule is disqualification'. At the next meeting this was changed to 'the green to which a player is playing'.

The balance sheet at the 1911 AGM recorded a gain on the year of £3.5s.4d and a balance of £14.19s.4d. The Secretary was instructed to ask Mr. J Fielding (Whitworth Joiner) to submit a scheme for providing more accommodation by adding a suitable extension or wing, to the present clubhouse. The total cost not to exceed £30 inclusive of new lockers. This was later increased to £35 including 12 lockers and then £41. The final price was £41.10s.0d.

A proposal from two young children aged 13 and 14 for membership in April 1911 was not accepted, the committee considered them too young to join the club. Messrs A Hargreaves and R M Wild made necessary arrangements for supplying tea and other refreshments to members of the club.

The following Local Rule was adopted in 1911: 'If the Golf House, or the railings and posts surrounding same, interfere in any way with the playing of an approach shot to no.9 green, a competitor may drop a ball clear of such obstruction, but not nearer the hole, with the loss of one stroke'.

The minute books record that on 19th April 1913 an 'Opening Competition on the altered course' took place.

A Roll of Honour was hung in the clubhouse listing the names of all the members of the club (30) who joined his majesty's forces in defence of their King and Country during The European war 1914 - 1919. The framed work still hangs in the clubhouse today. The list included Gilbert Lye, Lieutenant in the Manchester Regiment, son of Frederick Lye, who lost his life in The Battle of the Somme on 21st July 1916 aged 23.